2 Jun 2013

A bit of change in content...

When I'm alone and bored enough, I develop a feeling, that my thoughts could maybe be interesting for others. And if I look at the statistics of my blog, more people visits my site from the general public of the internet via google searches, than my friends and/or people who I know.
Sooo I've decided  that I will share my thoughts... anything that my mind creeps out... so hang on... and fell free to comment on anything you like/dislike.

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I always envy those who doesn't struggle to do what's right...
Like my Ex, she was always able to do what was good for her, studying, finding a job, getting in the university with the perfect masters program.
I go day by day, working, and wasting time on bullshits, and when I finally get myself to do what is good for me in the long run, for example studying for my exams, I loose interest in about half an hour. And rapidly find something that is good for me at that very moment.

It took some time, but I finally realized what my problem is.
They say: The first step to a solution is the definition of the problem!
My biggest problem is the lack of willpower.
This epiphany or should we say discovery dawned on me when someone, suggested to me to check out this channel on youtube : Epipheo
While I was browsing this channel I came across this video, about Kelly McGonigal, author of, "The Willpower Instinct" and she pinpointed my problem so nicely.
Dividing the problem in to 3 parts.
I Will Power.
I Won't Power.
I Want Power.

Probably there isn't a man on this planet who can safely say that she/he has no problem with any of these...
I have a lot...

Since I found this book, I've downloaded the audiobook, and the e-book, and I'm trying to change, but it's frustrating, and very hard. One simple task would be to listen to this audiobook daily but I really can't get to do even that.

So this is a thing that I'm trying out, maybe if I wrote it down, and track it... maybe than I will have some results.

It's an idea, let's see if it works.

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