15 Aug 2011

REmixes can be good...

Since on of my friends pointed out that foreigners can't read what I'm writing... :)
I will write a few posts in English.

Not long time ago (before the dNb era of my life) I thought, felt that remixes are bad things...
Here comes a few counterexamples:

First a classic: Britney Spears - Toxic dubbed up:

Second in the row is the lovely Elly Jackson with Mr. Foamo's touch:

Then of course a piece from one of the most famous remix album of all time: REanimation from Linkin Park:
Ppr:Kut - Dj Cheapshot and Jubacca feat: Rasco & Planet Asia

And last but not least an interesting type of remixing MASH UP:

The Reborn Identity - Spirit World

Made from:
Radiohead: "Street Spirit (Fade Out)"
Morcheeba ft Manda Zamolo: "Gained the World"
Digitalism: "Taken Away"
Eliza Lumley: "Street Spirit (Fade Out)"

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